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Michael Ovens - Co-Chair, EyeRide


Michael OvensMichael is a tandem cycling enthusiast, endurance junky, and the co-founder of the original Cycle for Sight ride (2009 – 2023) ride. With an impressive 8-year tenure as the co-chair of Cycle for Sight, he now assumes the role of co-chair for EyeRide 2024.

His fever for EyeRide’s mission, which centres on supporting the TRAILBLAZERS Tandem Cycling Club and BALANCE for Blind Adults, reflects the profound impact these notable blind community charities have had on him. Thrilled to contribute to a team he views as composed of passionate individuals who are true movers and shakers, Michael embodies dedication and enthusiasm for fostering positive change.

Mitchell Kamiel - Co-Chair, EyeRide

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Mitchell KamielMitch’s passion for cycling is deeply ingrained, having represented Canada and clinched gold on international stages. Introduced to tandem cycling via the TRAILBLAZERS Tandem Cycling Club, he found solace in the sense of community and achievement it offered, forging enduring friendships along the way.

Following eight years of dedicated participation in Cycle For Sight, Mitch felt compelled to sustain the legacy, thus spearheading the evolution of the event into EyeRide. Riding alongside his closest companions, he perceives the fundraiser as a powerful tool for dismantling barriers and fostering inclusivity, allowing others to share in the joy of a sport he holds dear.

Lynda Spinney - President, TRAILBLAZERS Tandem Cycling Club


Lynda SpinneyLynda’s lifelong passion for cycling took a challenging turn when she became legally blind at 16, retaining only 10% partial vision. In her mid-40s, a solitary ride ended abruptly when she collided with a parked car, seemingly closing the door on cycling forever. However, a suggestion from a co-worker led her to join the TRAILBLAZERS Tandem Cycling Club, altering the course of her story.

Finding camaraderie and a sense of belonging became the driving force behind Lynda’s deep involvement with TRAILBLAZERS 25 years ago. She attributes the club to a significant boost in her self-esteem, marking a transformative journey. Retired from corporate life for 15 years now, Lynda intends to remain an active part of TRAILBLAZERS and the broader blind community for the foreseeable future. For her, exercise stands as the key to maintaining vitality and youthful energy.

Laura Feltz - Volunteer Coordinator, EyeRide

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Laura FeltzLaura was forced to sell her Trek bike when she no longer felt safe cycling due to her declining sight, she wasn’t yet aware of the resources and support available for the blind community. It had never crossed her mind that the simple pleasure of riding a bike would become inaccessible. Five years ago, a fellow attendee at a leadership program opened a whole new world to her.  He introduced her to an amazing community of blind cyclists, their allies, and an inclusive event that inspired her to stretch beyond what she thought was possible while also allowing her to build new friendships. Fast forward to now, she’s a proud member of the EyeRide Executive/Organizing Committee shaping a new chapter of pedaling with impact.

While she gets to see an out-of-focus picture, her vision is clear. Part of that vision is creating an impact on the lives of others by raising awareness and advocating for eye health, and the blind community living vibrantly. For her, EyeRide breaks down barriers while building up our community.

John Tomasino - Committee Member, EyeRide

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John TomasinoJohn’s journey is as diverse as it is inspiring, with chapters as a former actor, teacher, and triathlete shaping his multifaceted identity. His deep-seated love for tandem cycling propelled him to join the EyeRide Committee, a decision rooted in his unwavering passion for the sport.

Driven by a profound sense of purpose, John recognizes the significance of planning and organizing rides that empower the blind community. He sees it as a means to demonstrate the formidable strength and invaluable contributions of the blind community within society. Moreover, he finds fulfillment in knowing that the fundraiser channels support towards two esteemed organizations, the TRAILBLAZERS Tandem Cycling Club and the BALANCE for Blind Adults, amplifying their impact and fostering inclusivity.

Sanjana Samuel - Communication and Social Media Manager EyeRide/TRAILBLAZERS Tandem Cycling Club


Sanjana SamuelSanjana’s journey into the cycling world began when she joined as the PR and Social Media Manager of the TRAILBLAZERS Tandem Cycling Club in July 2023. Shortly after, she was onboarded onto the executive board. With a penchant for pro bono work and advocacy for causes close to her heart, Sanjana finds joy in championing meaningful endeavors.

Her rewarding experience at TRAILBLAZERS fueled her eagerness to collaborate with the EyeRide team for their annual fundraiser. Leveraging her expertise, she eagerly lends support to the team’s social media and communication initiatives, driven by a shared commitment to their cause.

Ginny Duff - Board of Directors, BALANCE for Blind Adults


Ginny DuffGinny is a dedicated psychiatrist practicing at Unity Health Toronto, where she also serves as a Lecturer at the University of Toronto. In her psychiatric practice, she specializes in supporting individuals navigating vision loss, drawing from her own experiences with visual impairment.

Alongside her professional endeavors, Ginny holds the position of Board Secretary at BALANCE for Blind Adults, further demonstrating her commitment to empowering those with visual challenges. Beyond her professional roles, Ginny leads an active lifestyle, indulging her passions for downhill skiing, sailing, and cycling. Her multifaceted interests reflect a vibrant spirit and a determination to live life to the fullest despite any obstacles she may face.

Chris Spinney - Route and Logistics, EyeRide/Operations Manager, TRAILBLAZERS Tandem Cycling Club

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Chris SpinneyChris joined TRAILBLAZERS in 1999 as a Captain where he met Lynda. As the club’s operations manager, he keeps the bikes and bike sheds in shape and also provides specialized training on how to optimally ride a tandem bike and, most importantly, makes sure the two riders—the blind adult, or “Stoker,” and sighted volunteer, or “Captain”—fit the bike together. He also oversees the setup of event sites, ensuring all logistics are in place and helps with the functioning of the fundraiser and the club.

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