About EyeRide

For the past 15 years both blind and sighted athletes, riding tandem and single bikes, have gathered in June to challenge themselves and each other in a charity cycling event to raise funds for important causes that support and give hope to the blind community. 

In the recent past, the event known as Cycle For Sight raised funds for Fighting Blindness Canada (FBC), an organisation at the forefront of supporting medical research into blinding eye diseases.  Fighting Blindness Canada (FBC) made a strategic decision late last year to explore other ways of fundraising and will not be running Cycle For Sight in the foreseeable future. 

However, Cycle For Sight was much more than a fundraising event It was an opportunity to support blind athletes by socialising, riding, and celebrating with the sighted world. Individual club cyclists and recreational riders have participated alongside tandem cycling teams to support our community.  The ride (and pre-event training)  broke down barriers between able bodied and disabled athletes, strengthened their bonds and friendships, and raised the profile of the blind community.

In this spirit, many of Cycle For Sight’s leaders, including the ride’s co-founders, have created EyeRide to ensure that this important annual event continues to thrive.

Part of EyeRide’s mission, is to raise and channel significant funds to organisations chosen for their support of independence, social interaction, and employment for the blind community.  This year’s raised funds will go to BALANCE for Blind Adults and TRAILBLAZERS Tandem Cycling Club.

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